Daffodil Lodge hits an exciting milestone after celebrating the grand opening of their newly refurbished top floor now known as the Primrose Community.

Primrose Community will have a salon and barbershop called ‘Hair by Jay’ that will provide premium haircare and styling services, enhancing the comfort and convenience of the residents at Daffodil Lodge. Additionally, there will be a cosy bistro waiting area.

Renowned hairstylist, Jay, from the prestigious Herberts of Liverpool, is thrilled to welcome residents to the salon nestled within the Primrose community.

Jay, the Hairstylist said:

“This salon encompasses more than just hairstyling; it focuses on creating a sense of community and promoting well-being.

Residents now can indulge in a unique pampering experience, enhanced by the welcoming bistro waiting area where they can unwind and socialize while waiting for their appointments!”

In the coming weeks, the Primrose community will also unveil a nail bar and a serene sensory area, further enriching the offerings available to residents.

Lesley Malone, Activity Ambassador said:

“We’re getting ready to host an open-day tour next month, in celebration of this exciting development!”

“Families and loved ones will have the chance to participate in the festivities, indulging in the luxurious salon services offered by Jay and spending valuable time together.”

The launch of Primrose Community marks the beginning of a new chapter for Daffodil Lodge, promising a host of delightful experiences and services that residents can enjoy.

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