Recently, Daffodil has sent out an updated policy regarding Covid-19 and our home. This policy covers the changes and safety measures taken here at Daffodil, our visitation policy for families of residents and how we are keeping our residents engaged during the pandemic.

We are operating in very challenging circumstances with there currently being no immediate conclusion and end to the pressures that the pandemic is placing on us all. Our priority and commitment since the start of the pandemic has been primarily to keep our residents.

Whilst this, by any measure, certainly hasn’t been easy and has presented many challenges, we wanted to assure that families with loved ones in our care, that here at Daffodil, we are and continue to do our absolute best to ensure the family that lives with us are protected from the pandemic and live a life as meaningful as possible.

Policy and guidance from the government is changing rapidly and we are duty bound to respond to this. As such, this update will potentially change and we aim to keep people informed of any changes that are made to our policies.

Covid-19 Update from Daffodil Lodge Care Home